One of the things we really like doing is finding the perfect gifts to go in your bridal favours, gift boxes or crackers. We've put some very exciting things in our boxes and crackers; from funky key rings to a set of car keys!

Bridal Favours and Gift Boxes

For bridal favours and gift boxes we can source gifts and put them inside before we send them out to you. Let us know your budget and any ideas you may have and we’ll go all out to find you the perfect fillings. Alternatively we can send them to you empty and you can fill them at your leisure.


Crackers, both wedding and Christmas crackers) are slightly different as we will put the gifts that you choose inside as we build them.

You have a couple of options; 

  • You can send us the gifts you'd like to include in the crackers or gift boxes and we will wrap them in our Indigo wrap, with a tag just to make sure the right person receives the right gift.

  • You can take the strain out of the process and let us source gifts within your budget for your guests - we've made a guide below, but the best thing to do is to talk to us about it as part of the design of your crackers.

Space is a little limited inside a cracker, so in this instance size really does matter!!! 

We will wrap all your gifts before we put them inside the cracker. The maximum size a gift can be is 100mm x 45mm x 40mm 

There are no major weight restrictions, however, remember that crackers are made to be pulled so the gift may fall out - we don't really want to break any plates or toes. 

Gift Guides